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June 27, 2019

Discussion panels on the new European law on copyright on the Internet led by Stanisław Trzciński

Photo by Monika Jagiełło

In May and June 2019 two meetings took place with the participation of Stanisław Trzciński, president of the board of STX Music Solutions, devoted to the new European Union directive on copyright on the Internet, which was voted in the European Parliament in Strasuburg in March 2019.

The first of them took place during this year's Warsaw Book Fair on May 23 at the PGE National Stadium. We discussed the opportunities and threats and who will benefit from the new law. Speech was about implementing a directive that protects national culture from Internet giants. On the one hand, there are artists, journalists, Polish technology companies from the other giants from across the ocean.


Participants of the debate:

Eustachy Rylski - prose writer, playwright and screenwriter, counted among the most important Polish artists, laureate of Polish and foreign awards. Honorary Member of the Association of Authors ZAiKS.

Tadeusz Zwiefka - Polish MEP in the European Parliament.

Marek Kościkiewicz - musician, vocalist, composer, producer, leader of the De Mono band, committed to defending the rights of creators. A member of the ZPAV Phonographic Academy and ZAiKS authorities.

Artur Kurasiński - blogger and vloger dealing with new technologies.

Jacek Wojtaś - lawyer, Coordinator for European Chamber of Press Publishers, expert in copyright and press law.

Host: Stanisław Trzcinski, cultural expert, journalist, cultural promoter. Owner of the music marketing agency STX Music Solutions.

Left: Eustachy Rylski, Stanisław Trzciński, Tadeusz Zwiefka, Marek Kościkiewicz, Jacek Wojtaś and Artur Kurasiński.

The second meeting with young artists took place on 27 June this year. as part of "My Name Is New Festival" at the Social Cafe Club in Warsaw's Saska Kępa. The project is organized jointly by the publishing house Kayax and Stowarzyszenie Autorow ZAiKS. The discussion concerned the situation after the introduction of a new copyright law as well as other aspects related to the remuneration of authors and artists on the Internet.

The following experts participated in this discussion panel:

Stanisław Trzciński (host), culture expert, journalist, cultural promoter. The president of the music marketing agency STX Music Solutions. He actively supported the website of creators while working on the Copyright Directive on the digital single market.

Anna Zakrzewska-Biczyk, M.Sc., graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw. In the Association of Authors ZAiKS has been working since 2001, in the Department of License and Collection, currently as the head of the Internet section, where he deals with, among others. negotiating, preparing and implementing contracts for the use of works in interactive media.

Anna Bacińska, specialist in the Department of Documentation and Repartition of the Association of Authors ZAiKS. He deals with m.in. documentation of foreign works, implementation of systems for mutual exchange of documentation by associations associated in the International Confederation of CISAC Authors and Composers. For 5 years she has been involved in work related to the licensing system and distribution of author's pay from the Internet.

Photo by Razem dla Kultury


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