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Audio Branding Sound Design is a solution in which music, selected or created especially for the client, reflects the mood of the brand. The most desirable effect, especially in the case of audio branding, is recognition of a given brand or product without scrutinizing the visual material closely (it is called "with eyes closed").

It’s a complex package of audio-visual solutions to ensure the expected customer experience. We help brand to engage in contact with their clients by offering mobile marketing solutions connected with music. Those can be inexpensive music services or more personalised music solutions. Our musical knowledge is combined with in-depth knowledge of the brand world and the world of customer experience.

Audio Logotype - an element of sound design is, in particular, audio branding, i.e. a coherent audio/branding strategy. If we get to know the DNA of your form, project, brand or event well, we can create a 2-3 second sound effect that will serve you perfectly for reinforcing the message in TV, radio, cinema and internet advertisements, but also as part of any multimedia content published online, also on social networks.

Sound design is a mixture of sound and strategy. Creating such a specific brand of music related to given products or business entities, i.e. connection with the world of music, helps to distinguish yourself from competition on the market.

It evokes positive emotions and an attachment effect that enhance commitment and recognition among customers. Strengthening the basic values ​​and goals of the entrepreneur. Thus, we sell experiences and dreams. We engage and inspire consumers. Increasing their loyalty.

The elements of sound design can also be the musical setting of objects and background music as well as music used during all kinds of events and salo activities at the point of sale.

We will present to you a much larger and wider fan of tools which allow a design of perfect and tailored sound design for your brand, product or project.

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