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Thanks to the rich experience in the Polish market we have personal and professional relations, tried and tested contacts with the best hosts of entertainment, cultural and corporate events.

Many a time when responsible for event scenarios – we can advise well and suggest who from the potential event hosts – will be the best match to the particular project.

We work with the best and the best known, and also with tested debutantes. In the list we keep there are many journalists and screen presenters from all TV stations.On top of that there are radio speakers, film and TV actors, stand-up comedians, sport personalities, chefs, bloggers, influencers and other specialist, including the business and fashion business world.

An interesting alternative and a type of stars who can perfectly enliven your event are so called special guests.

It’s possible to invite such a star as a guest, for example to make a speech, a statement of for media activities.

Our experiences are with both Polish and foreign special guests. They can be actors, stand-up comedians, sport personalities, business people, journalists, musicians, producers, writers, directors, fashion designers, models, game developers and famous players etc. Or they can be the so-called celebrities and current or foreign politicians.

In addition, we offer booking in the following areas:

International artists
Polish artists

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In case of any questions, if you are interested in working with us and you want to understand what our work entails, or when you have an idea for a potential projects – contact us. Nothing can replace a chat and direct contact. Write an email, give us a call or fill in a form.