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The classic promotional PR campaigns undertaken by our agency usually contain the following elements:
  • 1. Visual actions – design of the graphic setting of the event, design and production of promotional event (including tickets, invitations, posters and other),

  • 2. Performing a barter campaign for promotion and advertising in in the media (media patronages) – finding the media patrons for the event, negotiations of media cooperation conditions, mutual services and formal agreements, setting the media plan for the promotion-advertising campaign in the patron media, current management over the realisation of the campaign and the provision of any necessary advertising and text materials needed for the performance of the campaign, performing mutual services for the media patrons, including the acceptance of advertising materials, exhibition in the location, etc. Barter deals require the payment of several costs, e.g. installation, print.

  • 3. Social media campaign production (digital/mobile) – in particular the creation and a series of actions for the “event” on Facebook (including the addressing to matching target groups – paid campaigns), and also though: Instagram, Twitter, YouTube.

  • 4. Internet site of the event – the website designed with the needs of the concert/festival in mind; Internet users have the opportunity to find the details of the projects, information about the starts etc.

  • 5. PR actions performance – increase of the medial strength of the project through the PR actions with the goal of widening the interest in the programme among the national and local media – organising the press conference of announce the event, media relations (information and press communicates), arrangement of media publications, artist interviews, invitations for members of key media to the events/ accreditations, press service during the event, media monitoring, promotional material exposition in the location, complex reporting.

  • 6. Printed programme for the event – the creation of special printed event programme with the descriptions of artists, event, partner adverts and sponsors; the programme is designed in a handy format to be at the same time a perfect memento of the event.

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