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We’ve recently opened a new service for our customers. We can be to you not only a project realisation partner but also an adviser and expert to give opinions on a series of strategic moves where music and show business are present. In a word, while responsible for the realisation of next stages of brand, product and project communication – we can support you with our knowledge and experience as a music consultant. Also as a member of strategy delivery team.


The range of such cooperation depends largely on your needs and scale. We suggest a meeting and a discussion on the separate elements which can be an object of such cooperation.

We also offer one-off consultations - in the context of the selection of artists for events, as well as the selection of music for advertising, film, feature and documentary, for television programs, video games and other online productions, as well as for the musical setting of various types of objects and music marketing.

As we suggest elsewhere – the fullest and most effective form of communication using various tools from the world of music of working out a long term strategy which can be multi-element > music marketing

We have created or co-created a few spectacular and long-term projects, where a fundamental issue was to invent and consistently bring about such strategies for our clients.


Pictured: Stanisław Trzciński (president of the management board of STX Music Solutions) and Bartosz Dobrzyński (marketing director of Play and member of the management board of P4) during the Fryderyk 2017 Gala at the Polish Theater in Warsaw. Photo by Sportografia.pl/STX Jamboree

After more than ten such deliveries we feel competent to offer you a service of creation and delivery coordination of long-term strategy based on music and world of artists. For the brand, product, object or project.

We are also an experienced partner in lobbying activities concerning creators, creative sectors, artistic projects and legal solutions in the world of culture.


Fryderyk 2017 Gala at the Polish Theater in Warsaw. Photo by Sportografia.pl/STX Jamboree

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In case of any questions, if you are interested in working with us and you want to understand what our work entails, or when you have an idea for a potential projects – contact us. Nothing can replace a chat and direct contact. Write an email, give us a call or fill in a form.